[thechat] Grammies

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 25 09:44:34 CST 2003

:: Yay! Avril Lavigne didn't win squat!

Avril who? Her PR folk keep touting her as the "anti-Britney" when they
should be calling her the "P¡nk clone".

:: I think many people are still saying "Norah who?"

I think the Norah sweep will hopefully open the door for a lot of lo-fi,
chill-out artists (like Air, Zero7, etc.) to get some well deserved props.
Too bad Beth Orton didn't have an album out in the running. She could've
taken on Norah Jones in a cage match!

Glad to see they did a tribute to Joe Strummer...warmed my 80's punk heart.


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