[thechat] what is this thing anyway?

abbey abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed Feb 26 06:59:01 CST 2003

On Wed February 26 2003 12:54 am, Ashok Hariharan wrote:
> From the way they mention it, it doesnt sound like a very nice dish :
> "...we finally stopped having pop roach(roast) ...."

Actually, we enjoy pot roast, it's one of the things we'll have for Sunday
dinner when my older kids or my in-laws come over.

There are many variations, but usually you start with a good size beef roast.
It's put into a roasting pan and then into an oven on low heat (325-degrees)
and cooked until done - medium rare, medium well, etc. Most pot roasts also
include some vegetables that are put into the pot with it such as potatoes,
carrots, onion. The pan juices from the roast can also be made into gravy.
For family dinners it's nice since it's basically a one-pot meal.

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