[thechat] cooked carrots (was: what is this thing anyway?)

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Feb 26 15:55:00 CST 2003

Erik wrote:
> Does anybody else here have an aversion to cooked carrots? Cooking
> makes them poison to me.

<raises hand>

Yep, count me in there. Can't _stand_ cooked carrot. Steamed or roasted,
it doesn't matter: I'd much rather them raw and crunchy. Absolutely no
idea why that is, but they do taste very different indeed when cooked,
and I find them almost inedible.


> Onions, on the other hand, roasted in a pot roast or otherwise are
> sublime.

Oh yeah. Roasted onions are the BEST. (But then again, I like raw onion

But damn you, Erik: now you've got me hankering for roasted onions,
and it's only ten to nine in the morning here. Also, I know for a fact
that my wife intends to make a chicken stir-fry tonight. Nice, but I
somehow doubt she'll work roasted onions into it.


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