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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 28 08:02:11 CST 2003

rudy agreed:

> I was glad to be a Volkswagen owner...

>>snow?  ice?  hah!   my air-cooled rear engine LAUGHS

Hmmmm ... maybe the Beetles were better ...

I had an '84 Golf (bought for and send off with the 1st ex) and an '85 GTI
(I drove into the ground after 10 years of abuse and rallying).

They hated cold weather.  They were hard to start.  They were both manual
transmissions -- and they gave me my first understanding of the term
"slush-box".  Even if you got the buggers started you had to wait for the
gearbox to thaw out before you could go anywhere - it was like a block of ice.

Once running and warmed up they were fine ... the Golf was actually better
than the GTI in the snow -- the GTI had fatter tires that slid more.

(Another former VW owner on the list.)

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