[thechat] Mostly (was: Handling a knife like a pro) (was: Cooked carrots)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 28 09:18:01 CST 2003

Judah McAuley wisely noted:

>>The human ability to eroticize *anything* continues to
>>amaze me.

Hi Judah,

Oh sure, and here I was ... just about to note that our two biggest
threads from the past few days have been food and sex ... and suggest
combining them!


<tongue *mostly* firmly planted [uh, in my own] cheek>
Ya know ... I'm just constantly amazed we ever let children into our
kitchens ... what with all those darn sex toys brazenly laying about.
It's sure to just warp their impressionable little minds beyond all
recognition! <gasp - they may even become "evolters" ... shudder />

And I'm not just talking those lovely lascivious slotted spoons ... no
friends, it's also those fresh and frozen foods - the fruits, the greens,
the twinkies in the fridge ... and the sauces (Oooo those sauces!) and
the spices and .... and just everything else as well!

We oughta just cover their eyes and send them back to violence on the
telly ... let them play GTA4 ... where they'll be safe from all that
horrible sex!
</(ing) tongue>

OK ... now I _really_ have to get back to work.


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