[thechat] "Psychic" on CNN

evolt at funkwit.com evolt at funkwit.com
Sun Mar 2 04:54:00 CST 2003

Madhu wrote:
> What wasn't clear, however, is how this crap makes it to bloody CNN. Is
> this just a freak Larry King show or does he do it regularly?

John Edward is the host of a show called 'Crossing Over', which (though
American) became ridiculously popular in Australia a while ago. It had something
of a cult following on cable TV over here (cable is not nearly as penetrative
here as it is  in the US, so that's not really that big a market); the show then
got picked up by a free-to-air broadcast channel, and he's now so enormously
popular here that when he toured recently, tickets to his Sydney shows in
particular were selling for $A1500 (about $US850) a throw on eBay.

The show is basically an hour (or maybe half, I dunno) of what you just
explained. Personally, I don't see the charm of it at all.

It appears that I am the one and only person in this great southern land willing
to call him out as not just a cold reader, but not a very _good_ cold reader at
that. The other 19.812741 million of us down here seem to think he's some sort
of god. From what I've heard, the proportions are similar elsewhere.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the general populace, I always say. Clearly
that's Edward's motto, too, and I would guess that he's as rich as Croesus as a
result. Bastard.


PS: Also, his website is very crappy: http://www.johnedward.net/

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