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evolt (at) funkwit.com wrote:

> It appears that I am the one and only person in this great southern
> land willing
> to call him out as not just a cold reader, but not a very _good_ cold
> reader at
> that.
> Paul

Theres a show on Ch4 in the UK which started last week called 'Derren
Brown : Mind Control' which is about this guy who is really good at that
kind of stuff.
Unlike the person you are describing he comes straight out and says 'Im
not psychic' and explains that its all just tricks based on subliminal

For one trick he sits behind a board (so he cant see) wth 2 holes cut in
it and puts his hands through, then 10 people come up and place their
hands over one of his hands and he guessed 9/10 times which one they had
He explains it all as he goes and its some really clever stuff that you
wouldnt usually think of, such as just before one of them comes up to
him he slighly moves his left hand which puts the person off it and goes
for his right. Then its all about patterns and when he mentions a
pattern is occuring he knows the next person will try and break the pattern.

On my regular TV viewing now :o)

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