[thechat] stupidity really knows no bounds

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sun Mar 2 21:49:00 CST 2003

the aussies will apparently also get the same "DNA" television series

so, naturally, another spate of boneheaded pronouncements and handwringing


"Australian Medical Association's ethics committee chairman Dr Trevor Mudge
said it was not yet known if intelligence was determined by genetic or
environmental factors."

sure, trevor, just one wee problem -- if not genetic or environmental, what?

"Monash IVF medical director Professor Gab Kovacs doubted society would
accept the use of gene therapy to alter looks or intelligence."

oh sod off, you great twit, OF COURSE society would accept it

wanna guess how much my kids' orthodontist earns in a year?

you're a fscking moron, professor kovacs, and perhaps a singular exception
to the rule that intelligence is inherited

genetic engineering has been around for millenia

we consciously -- or unconsciously -- choose attractive and smart mates
based on what the offspring will be like

if we could drop the zygote in a special testtube bath to increase looks or
intelligence?  people will be all over that in a new york minute



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