[thechat] finally, a rational response

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Tue Mar 18 16:27:05 CST 2003

A tobacco farmer has driven a truck into a pond on the national mall in 
D.C. and is driving a tractor around threatening to blow things up.  He 
claims to have explosives and has been tying traffic up since Monday at 
noon.  He blames the government for not giving tobacco farmers enough 
subsidies and running him out of business.

My favorite quote:

"I don't give a damn no more," Watson said. "If this is the way America 
will be run, the hell with it. I'm out of here. I will not surrender. 
They can blow my ass out of the water. I'm ready to go to heaven."

In spite of the nations Orange Alert status, nothing is being done about 
him yet.  Oh yeah, and he is also against the war.

Washington Post article:


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