[thechat] finally, a rational response

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Tue Mar 18 18:32:52 CST 2003

I have a friend from Kentucky who tells me that one reason it has 
become so verdant is that local governments have made a conscious 
decision to look the other way regarding marijuana cultivation.

This is actually different than my homeland in California's "emerald 
triangle" where most of the law enforcement fights marijuana 
cultivation (except when the political winds blow a certain 
direction, then oooh! the feds come in with scary costumes and make a 
lot of impressive noise,... etc.)

The reason, my friend says, that Kentucky is so inclined is because 
of the dying tobacco industry.  Since tobacco farmers can't make a go 
of it any more, they are fed up about that... and so if it grows, and 
if it sells... well so be it.

On a bigger-picture note, I think it is interesting that the places 
where marijuana cultivation really seems to thrive (or did thrive... 
like in southern Humboldt Co http://www.civilliberties.org/97.html) 
were also the places that were heavy moonshining areas during alcohol 
prohibition.  Outlaw places, backwoods places and places where it's 
damn hard to impossible to make a living at socially acceptable 

I'm not a dope-grower, but if I were, I'd create a new variety... and 
I'd call it  "Orange Alert."  yep.  There'd be Panama Red, Maui 
Wowie, Humboldt Gold, Trinity Trainwreck... and Ashcroft Orange 
Alert.  And I'd take some over to my ceramicist friend's house, and I 
would trade it for a Bush and Asscroft bong.  Because he made this 
really cool Beavis and Butthead bong, so I know he could do it.

And then every day, Ashcroft would go up in smoke.

yep, Bush would burn.
Ashcroft would get smoked.
And just the ash remaining...

Feel free to pass this idea on to any growers you know.

Just remember who thought of it first!


>My favorite quote:
>"I don't give a damn no more," Watson said. "If this is the way 
>America will be >run, the hell with it. I'm out of here. I will not 
>surrender. They can blow my >ass out of the water. I'm ready to go 
>to heaven."
>In spite of the nations Orange Alert status, nothing is being done 
>about him >yet.  Oh yeah, and he is also against the war.
>Washington Post article:

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