[thechat] 103 Pak prisoners return from US - PakTribune

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Mar 20 14:09:05 CST 2003

>>oh, let me guess: you were attacked by white (American?) males.


I'm not saying *all* white American males are this ignorant.  But too 
many seem to think that everyone should "think like us" and if you 
don't "think like us" there is something wrong or deviant about you. 
And worse: it's up to "us" to "fix" you so you are less deviant and 

And this is the very f'ing attitude George Bush et all displays that 
just makes me cringe and cringe...

I just wanted to clear that up.  The attitude does exist, it is a 
fucked up attitude, and I think it should be CRUSHED and instead, 
everyone should think like Erika!  Erika is right about how you must 
how you must behave!  And my vast armies will prove my rightness and 
moral superiority!




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