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David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Tue Mar 25 03:52:13 CST 2003

deke wrote:
> Compare it to the internet, designed to make war
> research more effective and efficient, but eBay,
> Amazon, e-Trade and Travelocity are very good
> reasons to want to keep it going.

I don't really want to jump into the electoral college debate, but I have to
point out that eBay, e-Trade and Travelocity are *not*, in my opinion, good
reasons to keep the Internet going. I find them to be generally revolting.
Not the ideas behind them, mind you, but the implementations.

I spend too much money at Amazon to hate it. :)

> > To note:
> > The Japanese started the Second World War (as far as US involvement
> > goes).
> I was unaware that the Japanese ran the US
> government in December 1941.

Sheesh. This isn't debate, it's pedantry.

> > Reagan and his supply side economics were also responsible for the
> > largest ballooning of the federal deficit in history up until this
> > administration.
> Yeah? The Reagan tax cuts *increased* federal
> revenues. Yes, federal spending increased even
> faster than revenues, but this was primarily because
> of programs passed *before* Reagan went into
> office.

"The other guy did it." Reagan ruled with an iron fist for eight years, and
he didn't have a chance to dismantle the programs that worked directly
*against* his principles of government? I don't buy it.

> > The Reagan and Bush I administrations were also
> > directly responsible for the greatest expansion of government
> > intrusion into private behavior, known as the War On Drugs.
> Lyndon Johnson started the War on Drugs in
> December 1964 with the Single Convention on
> Narcotic Drugs.

...Which has blossomed, since Reagan took office, into a nearly
ten-trillion-dollar fiasco. (Yes, I hold Clinton responsible for this issue,



David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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