[thechat] Why send reserves?

chris chris at mindsparkmedia.com
Wed Mar 26 16:45:15 CST 2003

The draft was originally instituted for another extremely unpopular war that
had northern citizens rioting in the streets: the Civil War.  It was
retained to be a last ditch when we were short of military personnel ..
Which we are not.  Anyway, it's not that important, I'm just curious about
it.  If reserve units tend to be specialized, I can understand that... 

I'm just stuck with this image from the other day of a bunch of reservists
that were just deployed: most of them were  overweight, pasty and looked a
little freaked out.  

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--> Cause we don't have a draft?
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--> >I live near several large military bases and am beginning 
--> to see reservists
--> >plod through town, dufflebags in hand as their units are 
--> deployed.  Has
--> >anyone considered why it is we're sending weekend soldiers 
--> to combat
--> >lifetime soldiers??  It's just odd to me, I haven't heard 
--> anyone else asking
--> >that question.
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