[thechat] Tips on meeting a UK Relative for the first time

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 14:22:52 CST 2003

--- Martin Burns <martin at easyweb.co.uk> wrote:
> Also:
> How is the weather in Chorley at the moment?

Partly Cloudy High:  55 F

If that's the right Chorley. I tried Mapquest
and it said there about a dozen Chorley's and it kept
showing me Chorley WV1, even if I typed in Chorley,
Lancs or Chorley PR7. Actually, it was
There was only one Chorley to choose at yahoo weather
though, so I have no idea which one I got.

> Can't speak for your relatives, but making coffee,
> serving beer/margueritas/wine, 

Ah, well, since she's a Mormon and I'm a Mormon too...
but I get the idea. =8-)

> cooing over my son:
Yes, but cooing over your son is so easy! Definitely
a handsome young fellow.

> and being respectful over people who have just
> endured a long flight and
> are now very jet-lagged all work for me :-)

Actually, she's in Palmyra, New York right now and
be only flying from St. Louis to Salt Lake Thursday
evening. I, oth, will be *driving* 600 miles on Thurs!
We'll be taking a break for a picnic in either Valley
of Fire* or Zion Natl Park* most likely. Pix will be
posted after.

I guess I'm most worried about the hugging thing; my
natural reaction is going to be to go for a great big
hug, but if someone tells me "Oh, they don't do that
Lancashire" I'll try to tone it down a bit.


* oh, alright, here're some URLs:

Valley of Fire
Zion Natl Park

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