[thechat] what the f**k is Islam?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Sun Mar 30 05:19:03 CST 2003

On Sunday, March 30, 2003, at 01:24 AM, Hugh Blair wrote:
> "Religion of every kind

I'm not  specifically targeting you as wrong, but rather that the 
Western mindset most of us have grown up with makes it hard to 
understand viewpoints which are different than "ours". Thus a new 

Islam is not only a religion ... as Zeeshan has said and implied this 
here many times before, Islam is a way of life that encompasses 
everything: religion, government, law, ... everything! "Islam" in it's 
closest English translation means "Peace". ...  we should use Zeeshan 
as a bridge, not a dam.

Think about it: the problems we struggle with in our Western world: 
law, abortion, taxes, education ... on and on ... they are all 
encompassed and defined by the Koran.

Wouldn't it be beautiful if all of Mankind lived by the same set of 
rules? This is what Mohammed strived for. Yes, he was a violent 
warrior, but he lived in a time of war. However, amazingly,  he tried 
to set rules by which the world could be set free from the endless 
cycle of violence.

Muslims believe that one thing: faith in god is the rule by which all 
Mankind should follow. And the Koran describes these rules.

Myself, I'd have to make a vast website to describe my thoughts on the 
Western (or any) concept of "[G]od",  but I think it would start with 
something like: "There is no 'God', but there is an organizing force 
which humans can now not understand, but influences and maybe even 
defines their behavior ...."

Dunno ... I guess maybe some people here would benefit from reading a 
Presbyterian minister's sermon that I found while looking for something 
else, (made me cry (I've been crying a lot lately)) ...



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