[thechat] LoTR questions

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Sun Mar 30 13:01:00 CST 2003

> So LoTR: The Two Towers finally rolled into town on Friday 
> (4 bloody months late) 

Oh, dude, sorry to hear that! 

> Now, I have the book, but I haven't read it yet because the size 
> of it intimidates me.

The book is actually very easy and fun to read. When you're far enough,
then it's so engaging that you can't put it down - speaking from

> CGI dudes intentionally gave  him every expression they could 
> think of just to say, "Look what I can do with SFX. Ain't it cool?"

It is a little like that, is it not?! 

> 2) How did Gandalf come back from the dead? I turned to the chapter 

Well, he's a friggin' magician! 

The answer is simple, as in the case of all magicians -- [tha big word]

> 3) Is Gandalf the White more powerful than Gandalf the Grey?

I think it's like The West Wing (episode, where there is a new formula
to calculate the number of poor people): 
Toby: Are you saying that we got 4 million poor people overnight?!! 
Sam: They were poor already, now we're just calling them poor. 

So, the answer is that Gandalf the Grey was pretty darn powerful already
and now we're just calling him powerful. But who knows, perhaps he gets
something of a power (or ego?) boost from the white cloak. I do know
that Apple [www.apple.com] fans sure do get a positive boost or
something from the white equipment they're using! 

> 4) How did Theoden's nephew get so many troops at the end? When we 
> saw him earlier, he only had some 40-50 men riding with him.

I bet a buck that Theoden (darn these names) already had so many troops
(they probably also were all in the scene when you only saw 40-50 men),
but they are masters of wilderness and masters of disguise (they have
those elven cloaks that sort of work like stealth planes, except they
work in the visual range, not with radar signals). 

> 5) Ain't Legolas cool? For some reason, I really dig him.

I liked Gimli. Eh, and Liv Tyler was kinda sexy :) 

> 6) How are new Uruk Hai created? What's that sac-like thing they 
> come out from?

They're $79.95 from WalMart and they come in an Instant Plastic Bag -
you keep them at cool temperatures deep under the ground for two days
and rip the package open from the marked edge and VOILA! - they're ready
to use. 

> 7) Treebeard is supposed to be only about 14 ft. tall. Them 
> trees all looked a lot taller, relatively speaking.

Why only 14 ft. tall? Was it in the book (must have missed that part).
Considering that hobbits might be around 3 feet tall (is that a fair
estimate?) and thinking about the scene where Treebeard grabbed 'em in
the forest, then that might be around right (thought it looked a bit

Also, in later scenes he looked a lot higher, I think. 

> 8) Liv Tyler v/s Miranda Otto? No contest.

Well, Liv *was* naked under that dress she was wearing. (Riding must
have hurt, though :))


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