[thechat] Religion - a way of life (was: what the...)

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Mon Mar 31 22:50:02 CST 2003

]I live in a country where religion is an integral part of "culture". Take
]out the religion and most of our customs, rituals, festivals and beliefs
]would be gone. So I'm not a "Westerner who doesn't understand the ways of
]the East", etc. Heck, I used to be pretty religious as a kid. This was a
]societal influence rather than a personal thing, I guess. I did the prayer
]thing, talked to God, etc. As I grew older and started thinking more, I
]found it harder to understand ("Why aren't my prayers working?"). I
]gradually became an agnostic, and then later, an atheist. I've yet to be
]smote by lightning. :)

Maybe it wasn't your prayers that were the problem.  Perhaps they were
misdirected.  Ever try praying to Joe Pesci?


Sean G.

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