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>> > Does he never learn? Is this supposed to restore good relations with
>>  the
>> > EU?
>> <inflammatory>
>> Am I hearing  that this "good relationship" is something to be bought?
> Not bought, so much as not extorted out of the EU
> side.  At the moment the US is asking EU countries
> for billions of dollars to clean up the mess this
> thing leaves behind, and *at the same time* making
> it very clear to the prospective donor that every
> last cent will be going to US companies.

The talk 'round here (from NPR - which is generally considered to be very
liberal) is that the money will come from Iraqi oil. World buys oil,
generates Iraqi income, Iraq buys things it needs, pays for rebuilding of
roads, infrastructure, etc.

That's how it's being explained here anyway.

Besides, as I pointed out, there are going to be a lot of companies from a
lot of countries doing the work, so I don't buy the whole, "every last
cent will be going to US companies." part.  Would you rather have a UK
business get the contract so that they could hire US subs? I believe at
the end of the day the only difference will be who gets the PR of winning
a contract.

I didn't hear about the US asking the EU for money to rebuild.
Humanitarian aid, perhaps, but not rebuilding kind of stuff.

Can you send pointers?

Thanks -


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