[thechat] Powell & Blunkett

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Thu Apr 3 14:30:59 CST 2003

I think it is a correct assessment that the current leadership of US 
sees this country as unanswerable to anyone.  Bush administrations 
answers to no one but to very wealthy Americans, like himself.

The lives of common people are measured against the increase of 
wealth and power we can bring to those at the top.  We are all being 

It is correct that some of the biggest instigators of this war stand 
to make the greatest financial gains.  I've seen a lot of articles 
here and there about that.  I say, 'yeah, big surprise.' and then I 
go about my day.

That is what happens in a War.  That is why I stand with Howard Zinn 
(WWII vet and US historian) in my belief that when innocent people 
suffer die as a result of war (and they always always do)--there is 
simply no such a thing as a "just war."  War by its nature brings out 
the very worst in human beings.

Profiteering *always* happens in war time.  Also: loss of civil 
rights.  Political persecution and witch hunts.  And in those 
directly involved, PTSD that causes people to lash out at loved ones, 
PTSD that affects the children of soldiers and civilians, that can 
reach several generations into the future (visit an American Indian 
reservation to see this in action).

Yes, our current administration doesn't give a crap what anyone 
thinks... unless they are dealing with someone who can be used to 
serve the needs of wealthy Americans.  Everyone is a pawn, a tool.

What you *don't* see so clearly is how our underlying social network 
is suffering.  Remember the 1980's, and the "evil empire" Soviet 
Union?  Americans thought USSR some kind of worthy rival--and maybe 
they were--in the 1960s.  I visited East Germany and USSR in 1986 and 
what I saw were big, overweight systems, aging, falling apart... 
Nothing worked right.

US public systems are suffering, and if the focus continues to be 
external, this process will continue until we look ever more like a 
third world country.

I think the idea at the top is that we will somehow harness the 
natural resources of conquered nations and suck off them like a huge 
parasite, which we already do.... but it's not enough yet... well the 
parasite thing works for awhile until you kill the host... unless the 
host kills you first.

Yes, clueless.  "If you don't have bread, then just eat cake."
Or, better yet: After I take away your bread, I'll sell you a burger.


>Does it even matter any more? USA is uber-powerful now. EU be damned.
>(Please try and convince me I'm wrong. I really want to believe it.)

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