[thechat] Pollen Season is Upon Us

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Sat Apr 5 16:06:43 CST 2003

]  Pollen season is on us in the southern US. Here in North Carolina, you
]can write your name in the pollen. If it doesn't rain each week, the
]pollen will get so thick that you can see the ruts in the roadways where
]people have driven. We all are sneezing and snorting.
]  It will be over in a couple of weeks hopefully. Do other areas have
]the same pollen season as we? Enjoy, Roger in Raleigh

Yeah, we've had a whole lot of pollen this week. *checks out window*  Oh,
that's snow.

Never mind.  =)

"Surrealism in the service of sanity is no sin."

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