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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Apr 10 11:26:23 CDT 2003


> My 30th is approaching with growing speed (well feels like it anyway) and
> determined to avoid the whole getting drunk and morase in England thing
> decided to flee the country with my girlfriend for a few days.  Anyway our
> plan now is a long weekend in NYC (Amsterdam and Iceland having fallen by
> the wayside).  Soooooo, I was hoping people could suggest good places to
> cheap flights, nice places to stay (cheap is good too), and things to do.
> She's already lining up a number of museums she wants to visit (the
> of going abroad with someone who works in a museum, she wants to see the
> museums - not what's actually in them), so I want some alternatives.
> Geeky/alternative things particularly :)

ugh, i'm with you.
i turn 30 next week, and all the drinking leading up to it is killing me
already. ;o)

here's some downtown to-dos...

forbidden planet - world's largest comic book store is at broadway and 12th

tower records - broadway and 4th st.
(there's a midtown tower too, which is near the sony imax theater with the
GIANT screen)

14th st between broadway and 6th ave has a huge selection of weirdo shops
selling weirdo electronic gizmos. mostly garbage....

8th street between 5th and 6th is lined with shoe stores

there's nice cafes around 6th avenue and 8th street too

east on 8th street, between 3rd and 1st avenues is St. Marks Place, infamous
for record stores and head shops galore.

there used to be a way cool museum of holography down in soho somewhere
too....dunno if its still there though.

have a great trip!


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