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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Apr 22 20:08:06 CDT 2003

Erika Meyer wrote:
> > The Raving Atheist duels with the Nigerian 419 scammer.
> >
> >
> wow if he can do this to a 419er just imagine what happens when the
> poor unsuspecting Jehovah's witness comes calling.

2 best things to hassle Jehovah's Witnesses about if they cold call you at
the doorstep ...

1) query them about birthdays, and challenge them - it may be acceptable for
them not to observe Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus
Christ (as they don't believe that Jesus was the Son of God), but why don't
they observe their *own* birthdays?  Surely it is good faith to celebrate
the day you were brought into the world to serve God and chap people's doors
day in day out?

2) query them about the limit on entry to Heaven - only the elite 144,000 of
Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed entry to Heaven (the rest remain
"unconscious after death til they are resurrected in the Millennium", and
all us poor non-JW saps get annilihated).  The best way to get them thinking
about this is to posit the following: say they go to the next door down,
because they sure ain't recruiting me.  When they get there, they find Joe
Bloggs, eager JW volunteer - "yes, i'll join, i'll sign off 10% of my
salary, I'll help build the Kingdom Hall, I'll go evangelising about the
Lord etc, super!!  Where do I sign?" ... then at the day of Judgement, you
find Joe Bloggs one ahead of you in the line - "oh, fancy meeting you
here!" - but then you find that with Joe Bloggs ahead of you, you are
#144,001 - and your recruiting him denied you access to Heaven.

those two usually get their heads scratching.

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