[thechat] Pakistan Internet Providers Planning a Total Strike

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Apr 23 02:48:37 CDT 2003

> As a consequence of General's recent measures to ban pornographic
> sites, all sub-domains of http://www.freeservers.com/ have been banned
> including my site. Now I have no access to my own site. Neither I can
> edit it. I am trying to persuade authorities to lift ban from
> sub-domains of http://www.freeservers.com/.

You can't access your site through a proxy server?

One of the problems of using a subdomain is that 
it's not really yours. I tell my hosting customers that 
I'm happy to give them free subdomains, because if 
they ever decide to go somewhere else, I can sell 
hosting of that subdomain to someone who wants 
their traffic. Most of them decide to buy their own 
domain names.

If if works for www.chiracaveclafrance.net then it will 
work for you.mydomain.com



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