[thechat] the bible condems democracy !! according to swazi king

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Thu Apr 24 07:40:57 CDT 2003

the king of swaziland, king mswati III was recently in the 
news when he forcibly tried to take on a 10th wife ...

According to  swazi law the king is a divine entity and can 
get to marry any (and as many) girl(s) in the kingdom he 
chooses(even if she doesnt  want to...! )... just that this 
time around the 10th girl went to the swazi supreme court
and her appeal was upheld...and the story goes on.....

Well, now the same guy claims....:

"there is not a single verse in the Bible which says there 
should be a president ruling a country," -- so presidents
and democracy are bad

...how very daft is that argument...!? 
anyway...one more in the long line of ruling tyrants...


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