[thechat] Saddam and Gomorrah?

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Fri Apr 25 14:12:39 CDT 2003

Bob Haroche wrote:
> Madhu Menon wrote:
> > 1) Aren't those damn Hollywood Jews making some movie about this?
> Is this supposed to be facetious or anti-semitic? Just curious.

Please note that many members of thechat have a fairly long (or at least
in-depth) history, and know each others' personalities, viewpoints, and
sarcastic tones quite well. It's important to remember this when reading
through *any* list, and read messages accordingly.

For example, if you'd read most of Madhu's posts over the last 6 months or
so, you'd see that he's:
1) a serious atheist
2) a humanitarian
3) sarcastic to the extreme
4) egalitarian
5) rational
6) a nice guy

All of which might lead you to recognize that his comment was, indeed,

If you're concerned at his *application* of sarcasm, please make sure to say
so directly, so we can argue it into the ground... :)


David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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