[thechat] Christina a hit with Brits

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sat Apr 26 09:08:58 CDT 2003

>> Which Brits are the Maxim people speaking to? Guys under 21?
> aka, the Maxim readership.

aye, boys under 21 sure haven't thought through what "desirable" means

i mean, if the question was "world's most desirable woman to spend a night
with doing whatever you want while she remains silent," then i'd agree,
christina's not a bad choice

but if the question of desirability is phrased correctly -- "hook up with
this girl and have your every action, your every move, your entire existence
dictated by her whims, until such time as she dumps you" -- then you'd be
nuts to have anything to do with an attractive pop star

in fact, as long as a woman is not repulsive, the more "desirable" she is,
the less likely that the relationship will be desirable from the man's point
of view

assuming that we're talking about desire in terms of a relationship, and not
in terms of a roll in the hay

a really "desirable" woman attracts all kinds of attention, and the strain
this puts on a relationship is brutal

it's hard to see this when you're 21 and your hormones are flowing...


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