[thechat] Time of the month...

Mike King mike.king at redroom.biz
Mon May 12 04:30:44 CDT 2003

It's that time of the month again... time for another beervolt  :)

Now this isn't just any run of the mill drink-till-you-feel-slightly-ill
event, it's our 10th London beervolt (as far as records show or anyone 
can work out) So, come on, show your face! Have a beverage! Make that 
all important decision to book up for euvolt. 
<http://evolt.org.uk/euvolt/> I'll be taking cash and cheques on the night.

Where:	The Champion, Wells Street <http://yurel.com/c87>, London, UK.
When:	Tuesday 13th May 2003
Time:	18:00 onwards


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