[thechat] Which OS are you?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue May 13 11:37:31 CDT 2003



I had thought of DOS (aka disk operating system) as being a specific 
OS, namely the c/pm ripoff QDOS purchased by Microsoft in 1980.  But 
yeah, now I remember they used to call that MS-DOS, right.


In fact, it appears that Apple DOS 3.1 is an early-ish Apple II.  So 
now it all makes sense.  Hey, You're a classic, Migurski!

Oregon's Science Museum OMSI occasionally puts an old Apple II to 
work for kids in the exhibit area...


>>>>"Apple DOS 3.1"
>>  No mention if its NONEXISTENCE. :)
>? non-existence as in, you can't find a copy any more?
>Rare, maybe, but I'll bet some pack rat (or several) still has a
>copy stuffed away... Some people never pitch things except under
>extreme duress...  :-)
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