[thechat] World: A Safer Place for...

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Tue May 13 17:20:24 CDT 2003

I have thought long and hard about the deep aspects of our great 
leaders tortured and complicated psyche...

I think one's understanding of George W Bush increases quite a bit 
when one regards him as someone who really envisions himself as a 
tough-guy cowboy sheriff like in a Hollywood western.   And a Texas 
cowboy at that.  What did he tell the European leaders?  "I prefer to 
work with a posse"?

He's the new sheriff in town, he's got a big white 10-gallon hat, 
glowering eyes, and a cute accent. His job is to clean out the 
evil-doers and rattlesnakes so that the good guys, apple pie-eating 
SUV-driving moms and grannies, and the guys that get rich from 
exploiting natural resources... can thrive and run the world as it is 
meant to be run... pre-ordained by a white anglo saxon 10-gallon hat 
wearing God.

Add to that Bush needs money... lots of it.  This is not a man who 
has ever had to live within a budget.

Not only the close-in oil friends and family, but there are other big 
industries... timber, drug companies, etc... holding out wads of the 
green green weed that Bush wants and needs... money!...  in return, 
Bush gets to play cowboy and shoot up the town.  wa hoo!

Ideas above his station??? Bush is THE TOWN SHERIFF for goodness sakes!


>Does no one else see anything wrong with this stance? Perhaps Monsieur
>Bush has ideas a little above his station...
>Syed, as usual your humour surpasses itself. Keep 'em coming!
>Chris Marsh

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