[thechat] Leopard befriends cow in Gujarat village

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Wed May 14 12:51:52 CDT 2003

And they thought I was stretching it when I started talking about the fish...

leopard and cow aside...

"divide and conquer" is a very effective strategy that still works 
(sort of like  my favorite game, "good cop, bad cop.")

Some people are willing to die for principles (or independence -- 
live free or die)... some (to quote Bob Dylan) "just want to be on 
the side that's winning".... some just want to survive...  divide and 
conquer works especially well when there is a big power imbalance 
(you can frighten your opponent) and when there are old rivalries 
that the new opponent can spin into play.

For example, divide and conquer was used very effectively against 
Indian tribes, especially the warrior cultures in the midwest.  For 
one thing, there were old rivalries that the US was able to use to 
its advantage.  Meanwhile, the "shock and awe" type campaign (Natives 
were awed by the firepower of the army and rapid onslaught of Euros, 
and shocked that the military would mow down unarmed villages of 
women and children) caused chaos, panic, and more divisions.

The strategy continues to work very well in Indian country today.  By 
the way tribal rights and boundaries were set up by the US 
government, they have managed to set neighboring tribes against each 
other from east to west, even those that historically had more 
peaceful relationships.  Examples include Navaho and Hopi, Yurok and 
Hupa, and most famously the so-called Lakota 'full-bloods' 
(descendants of those associated with Crazy Horse and 'hostiles') vs 
'mixed-bloods' (decendants of 'hang around the fort' Indians) who 
still battle each other to this day.  This is very effective in 
preventing real progress from happening, and continues to allow 
openings for exploiters.

Sounds like you're a bit disgusted with your leaders for being 'hang 
around the fort' Indians, exchanging independence (and associated 
negative consequences from the new Sheriff in town) for a chance to 
get some of the spoils... or if not that, a bit of commodity flour, 
white sugar... they save themselves from dire military consequences 
by selling out the children's future... diabetes, alcoholism, 
festering resentments... there will be a price to pay, no matter what 
the choice.



Syed wrote:
>>  In a rare case of predator-prey friendship,
>Can be rare in the wild world but it is not rare in human world. 
>Instead, it is
>common here.
>Countries keep getting the threats of severe consequences and 
>military campaigns
>and still say that the threater is their "friend".
><quote of the day> You are with us or against us. </quote of the day>
>Syed Zeeshan Haider.
>Allah says to Mankind:
>"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"


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