[thechat] The Matrix Reloaded - reviews

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed May 14 20:43:34 CDT 2003

Cold sweat ... hairs standing up on back of neck ... it must be yet another
staggered release of a much anticipated studio blockbuster ...

for those of you in the US, Canada, France, Belgium, Singapore, New Zealand
and some other random countries who get to see The Matrix Reloaded before us
plebs in the UK (and elsewhere), please spare a thought for us - we have to
wait until next week to see it.  If you must mention any plot points, be
they seemingly inconsequential or mindblowingly earthshattering, please
could you consider including [spoilers] in the subject and/or an obligatory
set of spoiler space, as demonstrated by my attractive Return key ...

... demonstration over, thank you Natalie.  Hey, don't you name all the keys
on your keyboard? :)

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