[thechat] 'Matrix' sequel ups the ante on razzle-dazzle

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu May 15 08:07:44 CDT 2003

Madhu Menon wrote:
> At 05:58 PM 15-05-03, William Anderson wrote:
> > > What the brain processes is this: [description of a scene]
> >
> > is there no honour on thechat?  could you mark stuff like this
> > spoilers pls? PLEASE?  :)
> *That's* a spoiler? All it essentially says is that Trinity fights some
> bad guys. Gee, like you thought she was going to embrace Buddhism, peace
> and non-violence.

you managed - in one quoted paragraph - to give the description of a scene,
and the placement of the scene in the movie :P  I don't want to look at the
original post again, cos I'm trying to block it from my memory with thoughts
of episodes of the Beverley Hillbillies.

no more spoilers people, the integrity of the movies depends on it! :)

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