[thechat] Big Read results - UK's 100 favourite books

seb potter seb at getfrank.com
Mon May 19 06:32:29 CDT 2003

>I've read 29 of them (not counting movie adaptations, otherwise it'd be
>much, much higher) - but because there are a few clusters of books from
>the same author, anyone who's a fan of Dickens, Pratchett, Austen and JK
>Rowling will do well. Should have been 1 book per author.
>Still, I was fairly happy to be able to tick Midnight's Children. I wonder
>what the Scotland-specific results are, as I suspect I'll have done fairly
>well in that.
35, and some I'd rather forget. Good balanced list, though I went 
through the majority of it in school and college, and have touched very 
little since.

Ooh, that should be 39 next week, as I'm about to start on Harry Potter.

- seb

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