[thechat] weegievolt, glasgow, june 2nd 2003

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed May 21 19:56:59 CDT 2003


If you're in or near Glasgow, mark your calendars: Monday 2nd June is
weegievolt day, nee weevolt!  :)  It's part beervolt, part lunchvolt, and if
you're called bri or genghis, it'll be part liftbacktaetheairportvolt!

~ 12:30pm in Glasgow somewhere, George Square seems best depending on the
weather, and there's a nice wee pub up on Sauchiehall Street (McPhabbs)
which is in cab distance where munchies, beer and hopefully craic can be
mixed in equal measure - the haggis is always good :)


current attendees: neuro, bri, genghis - i think martinb+lucy+weebairn will
be inconspicously absent on the 2nd, but iirc isaac will be within ~50mi or

'mon the weevolt!

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