[thechat] US Senate Repeals Nuclear Research Ban

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Thu May 22 14:09:12 CDT 2003

>You should come out to Oregon next year though.  We can make a road 
>trip to >Hanford to see weapons production of Tritium and Plutonium 
>and a quick pretty >drive over to Umatilla to see what I believe is 
>the largest stockpile of >chemical weapons in the world.
>I'm a great tour guide :)

Great!  Still hoping to do Mary's Club near payday...
I see they got $3 well drinks, not bad...

btw OMSI has a Hanford exhibit right now.  Says upbeat things like, 
"Scientists are working really hard to prevent further leakage and 
clean up the contaminated groundwater!  Radioactive waste is now 
stabilized and stored away from the river, awaiting permanent storage 
at Yucca mountain!"

Also some interesting historical photos of the Indians they ran off 
the land to build Hanford, and images of mighty Columbia River 
Chinook salmon battling their way thru the plutonium-laced waters... 
just kind of brings a wistful tear to your eye...

Yeah, but, I'd rather go to the strip club.


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