[thechat] Terror threater!

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Thu May 22 23:46:54 CDT 2003

chris wrote:
> -->It seems that Bush is terrorizing his own people too.
> Just frogs in slowly boiling water
> -->Do these changes in terror threat levels effect your everyday lives?
> Nope.  
> The terror alerts are rather arbitrary and insubstantial. The only
> information given is "be afraid, be very afraid.."  

You know, all this stuff is eerily reminiscent of Deus Ex...

Interesting sidenote:

IIRC, when the team were making Deus Ex back before September 11, they 
had a high detail texture for the background that included the twin 
towers in it. However, they had to reduce their texture, so they took 
the towers out and said that they were a target of terrorist attacks 
just like the statue of liberty was in the game.
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