[thechat] No-one likes us... we don't care (apparently)

Barry Sweeney barry at sweeneys.net
Sun May 25 08:31:53 CDT 2003

on 25 May 2003 13:16, Martin wrote:
> You *might* think that the points awarded have something to do with
> how much the nation in question liked the song/performance in
> question. And some countries do indeed do more than nod towards this
> naive concept. However, local politics and national alliegences have
> much more to do with it.
> However, this year, we got null points. Zero. Our song was pretty
> reasonable Euro-pop fare, so it can't be that. The explanation
> everyone's assuming is that it's a punishment for snubbing the rest
> of Europe in favour of Bush's approach to Iraq.

On the other hand, I only caught a glimpse of this (honest!) and strangely
enough the one entry I saw was the UK's.  It was awful, the poor girl came
in flat and never recovered.  We wuz cr at p.


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