[thechat] No-one likes us... we don't care (apparently)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun May 25 19:55:40 CDT 2003

Martin wrote:
> Now, I don't know how many of you on other continents are aware of the
> Eurovision song contest.
> http://www.eurovision.tv
> [snip]
> However, this year, we got null points. Zero. Our song was pretty
> reasonable Euro-pop fare, so it can't be that. The explanation everyone's
> assuming is that it's a punishment for snubbing the rest of Europe in
> favour of Bush's approach to Iraq.

Sorry, Martin, it was shit.  It was nothing to do with politics, the UK song
was utter crap, pure and simple.  I've heard better things at karaoke nights
in Glasgow pubs.  Honestly, it was pish.  Jemini sang out of key, ridiculous
for a live performer, which she blatantly wasn't, and the song was insipid
pop pish which sounds like a lame ripoff of anything by Steps post-Steps, or
recent Kylie fare.

To hear the live performance from the UK, make clicky to
(aka http://tinyurl.com/cnp9 in case it wraps) ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/realmedia/eurovision03/unitedkingdom.ram in case
anyone's interested in how it *should* have sounded like.

We fully deserved "nil point" and if they a) picked a GOOD performer AND a
GOOD song next year, and b) kick el tel up the bloody arse [1] and let the
UK just see the show as is, things might perk up with the Eurovision in the

[1] I suppose if someone does want to hear his ridiculous, pointless and
racist comments, they could do a simulcast on BBCi with a different audio
channel a la football commentaries (BBC One/BBC One $Region/Radio

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