[thechat] dos attack records

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Wed May 28 08:26:36 CDT 2003

> Almost makes me want to buy the full report ...
> at "£1,762.50 (including taxes)".  Welllll, okay maybe not.


there's an old saying, "you get what you pay for"

i love this saying because of its hidden logical whoopsie

many people think it means "if you pay a low price, you get low quality, and
if you pay a high price, you get high quality"

it actually doesn't say that at all

if you pay two thousand bucks for a report that's full of useless crap, then
that's what you got for what you paid!!

the real problem i've always had with paid reports from places like gartner,
forrester, or whatever (disclaimer: i've only seen a few of these non-free
reports) is that you cannot really tell by looking whether the report is
full of crap or not, since if you could look, you wouldn't need to buy

i have this ebook i'm thinking of writing, and one of the things i've been
tossing around is how much to charge for it, and how much of it to give away
for free to induce more purchases by revealing the quality of the entire

obviously, i cannot price it more than, say, thirty to sixty bucks, because
that's the price point for a lot of similar material from o'reilly, que,
osborne, new riders, sams, morgan kaufmann, and ziff-davis

maybe i *should* set it at something like "£1,762.50 (including taxes)" and
hope for just one sale!!!


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