[thechat] thread hijack: the weak, the meek, the feeble-minded [was:What the hell does he want?]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu May 29 10:21:28 CDT 2003

Cheryl Baringer added:

> ... drive over to the gym to use the treadmill

>>>... then wait five minutes in the parking lot for a spot that is near
>>>the door. 
>>>WALK, people, it's an extra workout and it doesn't cost a dime.

Or the folks who (in spite of a near-empty parking lot) park against the curb, 
in a fire zone, in front of the store's door. Why? Cuz they are more important 
than we are.  <wishing for my uzi />

(Who needs a bigger truck to take out those 'families' where the seven of 
them walk side by side down the center of the parking lot aisles. {'Course - 
they were doing that inside the mall as well.})

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