[thechat] You're from Al-Qaeda

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Sat May 31 03:44:52 CDT 2003

Mr. Akhtar:    Assalaam-o-Alaikum, Miss Rosy! How are you?

Miss Rosy:    Oh! Wa-Alaikum-us-Salaam! I am fine. Thanks!

Mr. Akhtar:    I thought you were out of country, perhaps in USA.

Miss Rosy:    Yea! I went to see my Auntie in USA. But I was caught by the air
port authorities in New York.

Mr. Akhtar:    Why, Miss Rosy?

Miss Rosy:    They found a picture of famous Pakistani pop singer.

Mr. Akhtar:    Which one?

Miss Rosy:    One who was clean-shave some years ago and now he has a religious
type of beard.

Mr. Akhtar:    Do you mean Junaid Jamshed?

Miss Rosy:    Yea! Junaid Jamshed. In a latest photograph he has a religious
type of beard. They found that photo in my luggage and said to me, "You are from
(For JJ Photo:

Mr. Akhtar:    In this case, you were supposed to be in Guantanamo Bay but you
are here in you own country, Pakistan. How? How were you released?

Miss Rosy:    Wait a minute, Akhtar. I am telling you. I tried my best to tell
you that I had no relation with Al-Qaeda I offered them proofs but they didn't
listen to me. They said, "You are from Al-Qaeda and we'll send you to Guantanamo
Bay. I told them about my bad relations with extremists like Al-Qaeda but they
did not believe me.

Mr. Akhtar:    Then?

Miss Rosy: Then I offered them lots of Pak Rupees but they refused to released
me. I offered them Euros but they still refused.

Mr. Akhtar:    Then what did you do?

Miss Rosy:    Then I offered them US Dollars.

Mr. Akhtar:    That's what for which they would have agreed.

Miss Rosy:    No! They still insisted to send me to Guantanamo.

Mr. Akhtar:    But the fact is you are in Pakistan. And the question is how?

Miss Rosy:    My Auntie had asked me on telephone for two cans of Pakistani oil.
I had those cans in my luggage. I offered the Americans those cans of Oil. They
accepted them very happily and released me. I stayed with my aunt for two weeks
and now I am back in Pakistan.

-- The End --
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

Allah says to Mankind:
"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"

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