[thechat] Why?

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Sat May 31 10:47:30 CDT 2003


> > Why are you asking this question?
> Questions are merely comparison. You do not need to answer.

A question is a question, a comparison is a comparison. A question
requires a response, a comparison doesn't. If a question required no
response then you would not have given one to mine.

> > I doubt the prophet Mohammed would have approved of your stance on 
> > this issue.
> Who are you to dictate Prophet Muhammad?

Aside from the fact that this makes absolutely no sense whasoever in the
context of my post, you are requesting consistency over justice. This
was not the way of the prophet Mohammed, so thus he would not have
approved of your stance. It is an anti-Islamic stance. You are in error.
Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. You do not strike me as a true
muslim at all sometimes; you are far too aggressive. Read your Quran and
meditate, Syed, for the way of the righteous is not through violence and
hatred but through peace and love. You don't need religion to understand
this, yet, ironically a large proportion of religious people seem to
never grasp this point.

"Americans" are not evil. Check out the erosion of civil liberties
within the continental United States. US citizens are as screwed as the
rest of the world. Get some objectivity and stop whining like a spoilt
child about matters that you seem not to have the political
sophistication to grasp.


Chris Marsh

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