[thechat] Why?

Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Sat May 31 14:02:11 CDT 2003

Right, I wrote this email, went away, thought, came back, rewrote, thought 
some more.

Now I've rewritten again, and am trying my best to be restrained. I don't 
want this to escalate any further, but I do feel that some points made are 
worth examining.

So, all apologies, and let's try to keep things at least civil.

>> "Americans" are not evil.
> Yes, I like many Americans. Not becasuse they are Americans but because 
> they are
> good humans. When I think about their nationality, I begin to doubt my 
> likeness
> for them. That's why I never consider their nationality.
> Americans are not evil. But who are those who are terrorizing the rest of 
> the
> world in the name of peace and security?

That would be a small group of people who through dubious (dubyas?) methods 
have gained control of a very powerful nation. Those are not the actions of 
the majority (300 million or more) Americans.

> I like Iraninans because they are Iraninas. Their personal character is
> secondary to me. Same is for Chinese and Turkish.

You said:

I judge people first on their personality, and find some to be good humans, 
but if they are American I don't trust my judgement. However, some 
nationalities must be good human beings because of their nationality.

You also said:

America should be consistent in its actions and policies.

Can you see the inconsistencies in your own actions here?

Come on, you should know that the true worth of a human being is measured 
without taking their colour, faith, nationality, gender, or any other 
external factor into account. If you have to judge, judge by the actions of 
the individual, not by a circumstance of birth.

- seb


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