[thechat] Why?

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Sat May 31 14:14:45 CDT 2003

> Very well written! When is your book coming?

My book has been coming for years. In fact my book has been so long in
coming that the story keeps changing. I'll let you know in about 50
years or so when it's finally completed :)


> > true muslim at all sometimes; you are far too aggressive. Read your
> > Quran and meditate, Syed, for the way of the righteous is 
> not through
> > violence and hatred but through peace and love. You don't need
> > religion to understand this, yet, ironically a large proportion of 
> > religious people seem to never grasp this point.
> How much do you know about Islam?

How far off the mark am I? We are not discussing the depth of my
knowledge of Islam. As you do not dispute the integrity of my
assertions, I can only assume that you accept that I am in this instance

> > "Americans" are not evil.
> Yes, I like many Americans. Not becasuse they are Americans
> but because they are good humans. When I think about their 
> nationality, I begin to doubt my likeness for them. That's 
> why I never consider their nationality. Americans are not 
> evil. But who are those who are terrorizing the rest of the 

Um, fundamentalist muslims? Jews? Christians? Take your pick.

> world in the name of peace and security? I like Iraninans 
> because they are Iraninas. Their personal character is 
> secondary to me. Same is for Chinese and Turkish.

That seems crazy to me. Again, I say that judging people by their racial
stereotypes is racist and bigotted. It is also asking for trouble on a
personal level. Imagine buying a used car (or donkey, whatever) from a
complete stranger. You know him to be *nian, and you like *nians, so you
trust him and buy without looking under the bonnet (or tail, whatever).
Not a very good way to acquire goods and/or services from strange

> > Check out the erosion of civil liberties
> > within the continental United States. US citizens are as screwed as
> > the rest of the world.
> I express my sympathies and condolences.

So you sympathise and condole, but simultaneously despise them. Not

> > Get some objectivity and stop whining like a spoilt
> > child about matters that you seem not to have the political
> > sophistication to grasp.
> Diamond cuts a diamond. (Urdu Proverb)

I am rubber, you are glue... (American Proverb)


Chris Marsh

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