[thechat] Why?

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Sun Jun 1 04:32:32 CDT 2003

[after having written many e-mails in response to political writings on
thechat - and deleting them each and every time - I finally decided I
would send this one]

> You don't know if your knowledge about Islam is right or wrong. 

How do you know that your knowledge about USA is right or wrong? Having
read your e-mails for several years, I surely know that you do not have
in-depth knowledge about most things (which was what you said was the
presumption to speak on a matter). Syed, you have skills, intelligence,
knowledge, BUT you just can't generalize issues objectively and frankly
you are, if you allow me saying so, oftentimes childish and immature. 

And that comes saying from somebody who is from a totally neutral
country, should it interest you - and based on your last e-mails, I know
that the birthplace of a person does interest you in evaluating what
they have to say. 

> War must not necessarily be with weapons and arms.

Planes, perhaps? 

(Who considers himself objective in this discussion - a bystander, who
does not have anything at stake other than objective assessment - no
religious views, no political objectives in this matter. Somebody who
doesn't approve USA's (or more exactly said, Bushes administration's)
latest military conflict [1], doesn't approve islamic terrorist acts
[2], sees plenty wrong with the Kashmir conflict [3], does not think
that neither active parts of the Palestinian conflict are correct [4].
Plus there are numerous other things wrong in the world, but let's stick
to the issue at hand. Still, I find many beautiful things in all the
named cultures, plenty [very many, actually] beautiful nature locations
and many-many good people - although there a foul apples that are
blinded by a too narrow view on the world [and then there are people who
have a bit more wider view, but they see the other side's ultraactive
foul apples from the first group and generalize their own views to a
point where they are no better than the first group... executing that
theory recursively, very few can do objective generalizations in the

1. The Iraq conflict - was without a sufficient cause on - out of the
blue sky, you might say (even the display of "evidence" was just plain
stupid - based on showing a photo with cars and then showing another
photo of the same place... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it...
wait for it - WITHOUT CARS). 
2. Islamic extremist terrorist acts are plain stupid - they are
interprenting something beautiful and peaceful and turning it into
something evil.  
3. The conflict is originally Pakistans fault, yet India did plenty -
although not everything - wrong with escalating the issue - and Pakistan
also just came in, which a screwed things up for good. 
4. Extremists attacking civilians is plain wrong on the palestinian side
and on the other side of the coin Israel does not have a right to occupy
the areas they are occupying, yet they can't leave them, as issues have
escalated to a critical level, where both sides are full of mistrust and
do not agree to make any sort of compromises (let's hope that recent
events eventually prove us the opposite) - the current situation is bad
as it is, **but it's neither the fault of palestinians nor israelis**.
It's the fault of Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria (who have screwed that
situation on numerous occasions, even after the first attack), because
their co-ordinated attack against Israel is the reason for the conflict
- Israel was completely right in striking back, taking parts of their
areas and holding them. 

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