[thechat] Why?

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Jun 1 12:58:14 CDT 2003

> Happy now?
> --
> Syed Zeeshan Haider.

Never have I happier been. (I didn't say I was unhappy did I?)

Some thoughts for you: civilisation as we know it exists because the
human animal is a highly evolved species of killer animal, one that
fights to the death (unlike most other species)

in order to survive we developed social skills, under evolutionary
pressure we learned to co-operate with our neighbours because to fail to
co-operate meant death for ourselves, our families, our tribe.

we have become much more efficient killers over the years, now able as a
species to deliberately (or more frighteningly, accidentally) extinguish
the lives of thousands of our fellow humans in one catastrophic event.

as a race we possess the technology to destroy all life (save maybe the
cockroach) on this planet.

up until now the thing that stops one "tribe" from killing all the
others is fear of retribution and fear of self destruction.

Oh, and a strong desire to continue to evolve in a civilised way.

However I think that if one tribal group became convinced that they
could successfully eradicate all their "enemies" without retribution and
without destroying their environment I doubt if they would hesitate.

The problem with evolutionary pressure is that when any group become
unafraid of personal sacrifice and actually seek out self destruction in
order to bring harm and terror to another group then the balance is
toppled and a civilised response becomes impossible, there is no
negotiation with a suicide bomber.

These are very strange times in which we live and I am fearful for the
future of the human race if your views of *America & Americans* are
shared by all *muslims*.

A holy war becomes inevitable, America will not meekly submit (as we can
see) but sadly the outcome most likely is the complete eradication of
civilisation as we know it and a return to beating the crap out of our
neighbours with the jawbone of an Ass to make sure we have enough
blighted corn for the next meal.

I guess I'm old enough that I might die of natural causes before the
world ends, I sure as hell don't want to live through Armageddon.

Please take your political stirrings to another forum, you're scaring
the shit out of me.



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