[thechat] Why not?

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Sun Jun 1 07:53:37 CDT 2003

>Personally, I'm a fraction away from unsubbing, because 
I'm bored with it
>becoming thesyedtrollfest :(

Hello, I'm in Edinburgh and I just thought I'd change the 
topic! ;)

I also realised that there are a lot of evolters who might be 
interested in my journal and photos from the last 3 months. 


For those not aware, I left Australia on February 12 with my 
girlfriend (Kate), and we've been on the road since. First 
stop was Chile, where we were the guests of another co-
founder of evolt.org, Javier Velasco. Next was Peru, where 
we spent much of our time in Cusco and visited Machu 
Picchu. After a stopover in the US (eeek!), and bits and 
pieces in the UK, we visited France (14 days, including 7 in 
Paris, and most of the rest on the Riviera), Spain (19 days), 
Italy (29 days), and Slovenia (stunning!).

We're now the guests of a name you'll all recognise -- 
Martin Burns -- his wife Lucy, and son Morgan. We're cat- 
and house-sitting while he's in Texas at the wedding of yet 
another evolter (Bob Davis).

So, we're in Edinburgh, looking for work and our own 
accommodation, so if you've got any ideas, questions 
about our travels, or comments on the photos, let me 

I feel very detached from the net, where I've worked for at 
least 7 years (can't remember these days!), and really don't 
know what's been going on since February. What's the 
employment climate like, opps for freelancers, new big 
things, and all that junk?



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