[thechat] Man uses strict faith as defense

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Husband says woman shouldn't be defendant in breast-feeding case.
A woman given a ticket for breast-feeding her daughter while driving on the 
Ohio Turnpike last month could have gone on her merry way with a slap on 
the wrist and a $100 fine.

The woman's husband, however, is trying to make a federal case out of it -- 
literally -- by claiming she is not the real defendant.

He said he is.

He made that claim, citing Mosaic law from the Old Testament and writings 
from the days of the Founding Fathers because of the couple's ``deeply held 
spiritual beliefs'' that the husband is ``the sole head of the family'' and 
the only one who can punish the wife for a public act.

He said he would go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to prove his 


Freedom of religion?

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