[thechat] Mac new stuff

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Wed Jun 25 07:25:24 CDT 2003

Madhu Menon wrote:
> At 10:28 AM 25-06-03, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
>> Oh, I was talking in theory about the faster machines.. my hard drive 
>> isn't that bad, although the 10 000 rpm sata hdd looks nice. But 
>> really, it'd be ridiculous to pair that with a celeron 500.
> I know what you're saying, Lach, but you're (unintentionally or 
> otherwise) picking a bottom-of-the-heap CPU.

Intentionally. It's what I'm on at the moment. :|

But yes, I know what you mean. I'd never go and waste money on a top of 
the system $3000 computer, when a very nice machine can be had for $1700 
or failing that a respectable one for $1300. (all aud)
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