[thechat] Man uses strict faith as defense

deacon b. web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Jun 25 12:05:46 CDT 2003

> Husband says woman shouldn't be defendant in breast-feeding case. A
> woman given a ticket for breast-feeding her daughter while driving on
> the Ohio Turnpike last month could have gone on her merry way with a
> slap on the wrist and a $100 fine.

Under Ohio law, a kid under 4 years or 40 pounds 
has to be in a child safety seat. If you're an out-of-
stater, the kid is exempt from the rule while being 

My guess is that they will drop *that* charge, and 
instead go with reckless operation. It's OK for a 
Michigander mama to breastfeed junior in a moving 
car in Ohio, if mama is a passenger, but if she's 
trying to do that while she is driving, it'd fall into the 
same category as the guy who's trying to drive while 
his girlfriend is polishing his knob.

> He made that claim, citing Mosaic law from the Old Testament and
> writings from the days of the Founding Fathers because of the couple's
> ``deeply held spiritual beliefs'' that the husband is ``the sole head
> of the family'' and the only one who can punish the wife for a public
> act.

Yeah, sure. It's a shame that Leona Helmsley didn't 
come up with that defense.

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